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Flinders Medical Centre Redevelopment

Harkk is a name associated with innovation, and it was this strength that created a design solution for the 1.8m high balustrade needed for the rehabilitation building at the Flinders Medical Centre Redevelopment.

“We utilised our proprietary Harkk View balustrade system to meet the requirements of the client, architect and builder. This was particularly challenging as we were required to provide and install a 3kN crowd loaded balustrade without a handrail at a height of 1,800mm from floor level,” Harkk Managing Director, Thomas Hartley said.

Harkk’s strength lies in the unique profiles and installation methods it provides which are visually appealing, tested and engineered to meet the most stringent Australian standards. The company specialises in the design and supply of glass and aluminium balustrades, screening and pool fencing for commercial and residential markets.