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Rendezvous Hotel WA

Rendezvous Hotel WA »

Rendezvous Hotel, Level 24, Scarborough Beach, Western Australia

Crowne Plaza

Crowne Plaza Hotel & Apartment Complex »

Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide


Altitude »

Adelaide, South Australia

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Harkk Side Glaze »

The Harkk Side Glaze system is a similar profile of Harkk Edge 67 and is side glazed allowing a gap on top and under the glass panel.

Suitable for domestic loading, it also keeps the rail as minimalistic as possible so as not to spoil your view.

Balustrade Testing »

Harkk have developed and engineered a unique load testing system that measures the strength of a balustrade without damaging the balcony or balustrade. 

Harkk Anti-Climb »

The Harkk Anti-Climb balustrade system has been specifically designed to prevent the scaling of balustrades and consequently provides a safe and secure environment.