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Balustrade Testing

Harkk have developed and engineered a unique load testing system that measures the strength of a balustrade without damaging the balcony or balustrade. 

The data is compiled to provide calculations proving that the balustrade meets, or fails to meet, all compliance standards. The resultant data is then incorporated into our report alond with recommendations for the repair and mainenance of your balustrade.

Knowing that your balcony balustrade is safe and secure is essential in these times of litigation and highly regulated building standards, and requires that a duty of care be taken seriously. A must for multi-story developments, Hotels and Strata Corporations.

Harkk’s testing service consists of an inspection that confirms your balustrade conforms to the requirements of the Building codes of Australia and a load pressure test that ensures your balustrade is safe for you, your friends and family, clients, tenants and employees.

A detailed compliance report of your domestic or commercial balustrade is provided upon completion of the test.