• Design and commercial development - Harkk Pty Ltd
  • Complies with or exceeds Australian Building Codes & Standards
  • Clean, minimalist design
  • 'Fly Thru' glass panel option
  • Patent Applied
  • Engineering and specifications available
  • Extruded and cast alloy components
  • 25 micron natural anodising offers unsurpassed durability for harsh / Coastal conditions
  • Powder coat to specification
  • LED lighting optional
  • 3kN crowd loading specification
  • Glazing to Code: AS 1288
  • NATA testing undertaken by Ian Bennie & Associates Pty Ltd - Building and Facade Testing Services

Product Details

In the Harkk VIEW system the glass panels span horizontally between posts.

The Harkk VIEW system uses a 70mm wide x 100mm deep teardrop shaped post which houses two or more rotator bars.  This patented system allows varying angles of the glass panel to post position to be achieved, giving a unique flexibility for the system to follow curves and go around corners.

For a cafe screen, pool security fence or general screen situation there is no top rail, only a series of posts with glass spanning between, providing minimal obstruction to view.

A handrail can be added along the inside of the line of the glass at whatever height is required.  This is generally either a EDGE 67 rail (in extruded aluminium) or a stainless steel CHS rail.

The Harkk VIEW range includes:

  • the normal 2 way posts, which connects to two panels of glass
  • a 3 way post, connecting 3 panels of glass
  • a 1 way wall mount post for the end of a glass panel abutting a wall
  • light caps, in different colours and LED's to suit

Fixing methods include:

  • coring into concrete and grouted
  • two N20 spigots set or cored into concrete
  • a plate spigot cored or set into concrete or welded to a structural steel member
  • a baseplate fixed to the top of the concrete



The Harkk VIEW system is a high load capacity system suitable for:

  • balconies and balustrades, when used with suitable handrail, is suitable for capacities up to and including crowd loading.
  • a cafe or general screen system, suitable for heights up to and exceeding 2.4m.
  • a pool security fence.