The Harkk System is a series of handrails, posts and associated fitments, which allow a balustrade or screen system comprising extruded aluminium sections with glass panels between. The result is several systems which are clean and sharp in appearance and meet the strength and performance requirements of the relevant Australian and New Zealand Building Codes.

The system includes:

  • The Harkk View Post
    • As a balustrade with a handrail. The handrail can be either a stainless steel CHS or the Harkk EDGE 67, both fitted on brackets to front of posts
    • As a pool surround fence and gate (AQUA)
    • As a cafe screen
  • The Harkk EDGE 67 balustrade system, which comprises posts, and a top rail, with the glass spanning vertically from the slab to the top rail. This system is only 67mm deep and quite light in appearance. It is suitable for domestic or private apartment locations.

All of the Harkk Balustrade Systems have handrails which are curved, to prevent an object (eg a glass) being left on the rail. If this were to happen it would be a safety issue, as the object may topple off and fall outside the balcony.

Other Features

The systems may be finished in anodised aluminium, or powder coated to match any colour.

Some systems, such as the Harkk VIEW, include low voltage light caps using LED lights or solid matching caps.

Additional items such as:

  • standard spigots for base fixing
  • corner pieces
  • wall mounts

are available as part of the standard range.

The systems may be fixed during construction of a building, or retrofitted to an existing building as required.