The innovative, Australian designed and manufactured Harkk Balustrade and Screen Systems offer extraordinary possibilities for architects, designers, project managers, builders, specifiers and residential clients.

All Harkk Systems have international Patents Applied and Pending.  Harkk products are designed to meet or exceed current international standards.

Latest News

Harkk Side Glaze »

The Harkk Side Glaze system is a similar profile of Harkk Edge 67 and is side glazed allowing a gap on top and under the glass panel.

Suitable for domestic loading, it also keeps the rail as minimalistic as possible so as not to spoil your view.

Balustrade Testing »

Harkk have developed and engineered a unique load testing system that measures the strength of a balustrade without damaging the balcony or balustrade. 

Harkk Anti-Climb »

The Harkk Anti-Climb balustrade system has been specifically designed to prevent the scaling of balustrades and consequently provides a safe and secure environment.

Harkk Features

Contemporary, minimal design

Systems Capabilitiesbalustrades for private residential, commercial, crowd-loading, high-rise developments, cafe/outdoor dining screens, pool surrounds, privacy screens, balustrade with bi-folds

Semi-frameless and frameless glass balustrades

Wind and sound attenuation

Installation options

Structural integrity - Engineering tested and certified
  • 2007: Ian Bennie & Associates NATA No. 2371 Test Report: 6064R2
  • 2006: Ian Bennie & Associates NATA No. 2371 Test Report: 6064R1
  • 2005: CEBTP Saint Remy FRANCE NF P 08 301 & 302 Test Report No.    B565.5.4089
  • 2001: Engtest, University of Adelaide